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PCNS Passive Components Networking Symposium is a bi-annual international symposium organized by EPCI in co-operation with an European university.

This e-Proceedings consist of technical papers and presentations from:

1st PCNS Symposium 12-15th September 2017, Brno, Czech Republic

hosted by: BUT Brno University of Technology, Technicka 8, Brno, Czech Republic

event location: Brno University of Technology, Technicka 8, Brno, Czech Republic

Upon the e-Proceedings enrollment you will get access to PCNS 2017 presentations slides* in on-line view mode and downloadable technical papers in pdf as well as complete e-proceedings pdf.

* excluding few presentations without authors’ permission to share the slides

PCNS 2017 Final Program Can be Viewed here

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PCNS 2017 Visitor Statistics

  • 60 attendees from 13 countries
  • 90% Europe, 10% USA
  • 38% academia, 25% manufacturers, 18% end users
  • automotive, medical and space industry presence

Course Content

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Keynote Session
Technical Sessions

Common Terms:

  • The course is prepared to the best knowledge for objective and independent information about passive components and its features.
  • The course is using EPCI (European Passive Components Institute) copyrighted articles, public sources and manufacturers’ public data as appropriate to illustrate specific component technology features. Some linked manufacturer’s materials may include sales pitch of presented materials (despite we try to avoid use of such sources). The course authors declare that they have no incentive to drive course subscribers to any specific technology or present some manufacturers and products as favorable to the others. Component manufacturers are close to the real applications, its challenges, issues with deep product knowledge and thus some of those sources are used as considered beneficial for better understanding of the topic.
  • The course text and quizzes are copyrighted by EPCI and not allowed to be published elsewhere without EPCI permission. The lesson linked articles published on EPCI website follow Creative Common By license terms. Some images may be used under copyright.
  • EPCI Academy is following EU GDPR policy. All information, data received and communication realized during the course is collected for the purpose of the course operation and not shared with third party company or organization.
  • by the course enrollment you agree with these terms.
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