Capacitor Basics & Technology Certified Course

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Lesson content is based on expanded EPCI ABC of CLR online handbook and supported by published technical papers and articles from leading manufacturers, conferences and other sources. The content is completed by manufacturing videos, webinars and regularly updated.

The course consist two chapters – Capacitors Fundamentals and Capacitor Types. The second chapter about capacitor types is enabled in three days after the course enrollment.

ONE WEEK Course about Understanding of Capacitor Basics and Types with Quizzes and Certification upon successful completion of the course. (80% success minimum)


Anyone interested to learn more about capacitors and capacitor technologies such as:

  • students and teachers
  • HW engineers
  • FAE and component engineers
  • quality and failure analyze personnel
  • purchasing and component strategic buyers

Successful completion of the course is certified by downloadable & printable document with registered name (issued to the profile’s first and second name), course name, overall score, date and certificate reference ID No. as prove of the achievement suitable for:

  • personnel CV profile
  • technical stuff training certificate (FAE, component engineer … )
  • annual personnel continuous training program
  • expert achievement certification


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