Core Materials & Inductor Construction Videos

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Inductor Construction Types

KEMET quick overview of the advantages of using different core inductors

3 min

High Permeability Core Materials for Automotive

KEMET automotive inductor development presentation disclose comparison of core materials its features and applications

20 min

Influence of Number of Turns at Snap Ferrite

Würth Elektronik explains the influence of number of turns on the impedance.

10 min

Inductor Saturation Current Explained

Würth Elektronik explains saturation current of a power inductor and how it is measured

3 min

Introducing Metal Composite Inductors

KEMET presentation on features and capabilities of high power metal composite core inductors

9 min

Dispelling Inductor Myths

KEMET webinar discuss some of inductors myths and the truth behind them

39 min

Rated current of an inductor

Würth Elektronik explains what is the rated current of a power inductor and how it is measured

3 min

Bifilar and Sectional Windings in Common Mode Chokes

Würth Elektronik explains the difference between Bifilar and Sectional Winding in Common Mode Chokes

14 min

Construction and Characteristics of Chokes

KEMET focuses on the construction and characteristics of the various form factors and materials of different types of chokes

31 min

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