Inductor Application Videos

see attached manufacturers’ videos on applications and selection guidelines

How do I select the right inductor for a DC/DC converter design?

Würth Elektronik practice-oriented webinar explains the selection of suitable inductors for a DC/DC converter design.

45 min

Influence of a Common Mode Choke to the Noise on the Data Line

Würth Elektronik shows how a CMC is able to reduce the noise on a real application using the EMC noisy box

3 min

Wireless Power Transfer Explained

Würth Elektronik webinar on Wireless Power Transfer – Advanced Coil Knowledge

48 min

Characteristics of High Current Inductors in a Point-of-Load Converter

Würth Elektronik webinar discusses thermal considerations of high current inductors

21 min

Selecting the proper Inductor with Simulation Tools

Würth Elektronik explains how easy it is to calculate the inductor for a DCDC buck converter and also the total losses for this inductor by using its REDEXPERT

5 min

Selecting the proper Inductor for LED driver

Coilcraft explains LEDs and driver circuit requirements that impact inductor selection.

2 min

ClassD inductors Explained

Würth Elektronik webinar ‘ClassD inductors – what is the difference to normal power / filter inductors?’

34 min

What’s better… An assembled or a molded inductor?

KEMET explains the difference between the two and see what would work better in specific applications.

3 min

Power Inductor for Buck & Boost Application & Noise Reduction

KEMET video about switching regulators noise mitigation using inductors

32 min

Calculating the Best Power Inductor Solution

KEMET webinar how to find the best inductor solution

29 min

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