Inductor and Transformer Symbols

This article provides overview of common and less common inductor and transformer symbols.

The inductors, coils or chokes are electrical passive components that have a certain number of turns of wire that introduce magnetic inductance to an electrical circuit to produce a magnetic flux or to mechanically react to magnetic flux variations.

There are many types of inductors available depending to its core type, leads, shileding, number of windings, variability etc. See overview of most often used fixed and variable inductor and transformer symbols.

Inductors / Coils / Chokes / Inductance

Inductor Symbol
Ferrite Core Inductor Symbol
FeSi Core Inductor Symbol
Inductor Symbol with Polarity Mark
Bifilar Inductor / Coil Symbol
Iron Dust Core Inductor Symbol
Inductor / Coil Generic Symbol
Shielded Inductor Symbol
Inductance with Power Points Symbol
Inductance Symbol
Alternative Symbol for Air Cored Inductor
Inductor with Fixed Connections Symbol
Solenoid Choke Inductor Symbol
Electromagnet Solenoid Symbol
Electromagnet Symbol
Delay Line Inductor Symbol
Electromagnetic Deflection Coil Symbol
Saturable Core Inductor Symbol

Variable & Adjustable Inductors

Variable Inductor Symbol
Variable Stepwise Inductor Symbol
Variable (multi)Stepwise Inductor Symbol
Variable Inductor with Ferrite Core Symbol
Continuous Variation Inductor with FeSi Core Symbol
Adjustable Inductor Symbol
Variometer Symbol


Air Core Transformer with Two Windings and
General Symbol
Air Core Transformer with Two Windings Alternative Symbol
Air Core Transformer with Two Windings Alternative Symbol
Air Core Transformer with Two Windings Alternative Symbol
Fe-Si Core Transformer Symbol
Ferrite Core Transformer Symbol
Shielded Transformer Symbol
Saturable Transformer Symbol
Variable Coupling Transformer Symbol
Single-Phase Transformer
with Continuous Current
Regulation Symbol
Voltage transformer
Transformer with Voltage
Regulation Symbol
Transformer with Moving
Magnet Symbol
Adjustable Transformer
Core Symbol
Pulse Current Transformer Symbol
Two Core Pulse Current Transformer
Current Transformer with
Three Primary Conductors Symbol
Current Transformer Symbol with
Two Secondary Windings
Single Core and 3 Primary
Current Transformer Symbol with
2 Secondary Windings
on a Core
Step Down Transformer Symbol
Step Up Transformer Symbol
Single-Phase Rransformer
with a Shunt Winding Symbol
Transformer Symbol with Beginning of Winding Indication
Transformer Symbol with Three Windings
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