Introduction to Resistors
Resistors Basics
Resistor types

About the Resistor Course

Welcome to e-learning Resistors Basics & Technologies Course !

The on-line course will assist you to get some more knowledge on capacitors – its basic principles, types, construction and features.

Take your time to learn ! The course completion time-frame is unlimited, typically it may take around a one week time to absorb all details and information provided.

It is nice to see you here !

Lesson content is based on ABC of CLR online handbook and supported by published technical papers and articles from leading manufacturers, conferences and other sources. The content is completed by manufacturing videos, webinars and regularly updated.

The course consist two main chapters: Resistors Basics and Resistor Types.

The Resistors Basics chapter consist also links to university class short videos for those who prefer more academic in-depth lectures.

The Resistor Types chapter is completed with links to manufacturers process documents and video. The course lecturers declare no personal interest to promote any specific manufacturers versus others. The selection is based purely on public materials available that illustrate best the technology, manufacturing processes etc.

There is a feedback questionnaire at the end of the course, please note your comments and suggestions that will be useful to improve the course further.


Each section is completed by a Quiz and the course is completed by Final Quiz to get your professional certificate. You have three attempts to pass the Final Quiz with 80% score within 20minutes time limit !


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