Tantalum Electrolytic Capacitors

Tantalum electrolytic capacitors are known for its high capacitance in small dimenstions (high energy and power density), reliability and stability of its parameters.

Traditionally, tantalums’ advantages over aluminum electrolytics have been found in terms of capacitance per volume, parameter stability over temperature, and longevity; tantalums in general do not suffer from dry-out problems or issues of dielectric degradation when stored discharged for long periods of time. However, tantalums are generally more costly, have a more limited range of available capacitance and voltage values.

Tantalum Capacitors Key Features and Benefits

The main types include:

  • Tantalum solid electrolytic capacitors
    • with MnO2 electrolyte
    • with conductive polymer electrolyte
  • Niobium and NbO solid electrolytic capacitors with MnO2 electrolyte
  • Tantalum wet electrolytic capacitors

We will learn more about these types in the following topics

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